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Event #189 -- Nominations

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Conditions to nominate maps + How to do it:

  • Nominate a map (or a combo) by leaving a reply in this thread with the maps that you'd like to see for the next event, have some common sense while nominating, don't go and nominate stupid senseless long and hard combos.
  • Vote for which nomination you'd like to see by giving a like to the post (or posts) with the nomination that you like.
  • The 5 most upvoted nominations will make it to the Map and time votes.
  • You cannot upvote your own nomination!


Conditions to nominate stuff:

  • Map combos can be nominated so long as they aren't nonsensical ridiculous combos
  • Special kickers (twists in gameplay) can be requested for your event nomination (so long as they make sense too)
  • Make sure to write the *full map name* when nominating (example, write "ze_lotr_isengard_v2_3" instead of just "Isengard")
  • "Autism as part of the events" won't be allowed (micspam and stuff), chill / simple maps for chill events however, are.
  • "X Weapon only unless bossfight" type of events is not longer allowed, "X Weapon only" type of events is allowed.


Nominations will be closed on: Wednesday July 15th @ 12:00am CST


Maps you can't nominate currently:

  • From Event #187:
    • ze_johnny_nukem_b8_3
    • ze_LOTR_Isengard_v2_3
    • ze_infiltration_final_css2
    • ze_crazy_escape_css2
  • From Event #188:
    • ze_a_e_s_t_h_e_t_i_c_v1_1s

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Posted  Edited by ShadowCreepy

What is this?
No grenades on got the north
On stalker only TMP, p90, mac10, ak47 and elites (dual barettas)

Edited by ShadowCreepy

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Posted  Edited by Vanya

Map Nomination: Last Man Standing -- The Real Deal

Consists of:

  • ze_last_man_standing_v5_1

Why this map again when we played it so recently?


Over the last few weeks Klixus, Alcolo, willy and myself (mostly Klixus) have been working on making a definitive stripper to play the map. This stripper includes changes like fixing the Predator's nuke, starting the map at extreme only (effectively making the map 5 stages instead of 10, and let's face it, nobody really cares for Normal mode), giving infinite ammo at the end of stage 5 to ease the final defense and all that sort of good stuff that we feel could improve the balancing of the map.


Stripper was tested on Nide a while ago and it proved to be a much more fun experience, since we haven't tested that here I figured now would be a better time than ever to test it and see if any further tweaks need to be done.

Edited by Vanya

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*Shroom & Paramina Showdown*


- ze_shroomforest3_b6_2

- ze_FFXII_Paramina_Rift_v1_4



Special Kikers:


-All primary weapons restricted except for the TMP (All pistols are allowed)

-No grenade rebuys (!he)

-No potions in Paramina Rift


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Ring the bells
pF Settings (Must include Fall damage/Limited ammo/No rebuys/No Zammo)
Bhop Off
Ultima on Normal Stage
Bahamut and Cowbells for every stage
Bahamut will have over 100k hp if Cowbells are not completed
For the memes.

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