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CS:S BHop Updated - Points Should Be Fixed, Updated Timer, And More

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Hey everybody,


I just wanted to let you know I've updated our CS:S BHop server. The following changes have been made:


  • Changed the timer's MySQL database and tables character sets and collations to utf8mb4 and utf8mb4_general_ci. This resolves player's ranks/points not updating after completing maps. After moving CS:S BHop's database over to the new web machine, it used a different collation which were resulting in errors when the map points were being recalculated.
  • Updated Shavit's timer to the latest version to hopefully correct other issues.
  • Removed some conflicting plugins related to SourceBans.


I wasn't able to beat a map while testing that resulted in additional points being given to me. However, after I recalculated all the map points, my points changed and this didn't result in an error after changing the collation (non-like before). Since Shavit's timer has more of a skilled ranking system:



This system doesn't allow "rank grinding" by beating all of the easy maps on the server but instead, awards the players that get the best times on the hardest maps and styles.


I wasn't able to test getting points on map completions directly. However, this should be working now regardless as stated above.


With the new updated timer, some HUD changes were made that I've noticed. I didn't see these changes as negative so I've kept them.


If you notice any bugs or have suggestions, feel free to reply here.


Tagging @Reeve and @Khel for visibility.


Thank you.

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I've also removed the following maps due to them causing server crashes:


  • bhop_abyss
  • bhop_limbo
  • bhop_lost_temple
  • bhop_affliction


If we find the cause to these maps crashing the server, we'll add them back.


Also, thank you to @Enricofor the reports!



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