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Council & the Board of Directors

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This will serve as an interim document that describes how the Council and the Board of Directors work until this can be written into an extensive rank definition.

Council is a new decision mechanism for high-level decisions. This will resemble a board of GFL that sets the direction and makes the final calls for large decisions. The amount of members of Council will vary, but it will be preferred to have an odd number of members since that makes voting easier.


The Council in its entirety will not be responsible for the daily operations. This will be handled by the Board of Directors who will always have spots in Council as well.The chairman of the board will be called an Executive Director who will also serve as the chairman of Council. This board will be elaborated in the next section.


Each well-established game in GFL will have a representative on the board. Whether a game is well-established or not will be decided by the Council. These will be elaborated in an upcoming section.


One or more non-staff members of the community will also take part in Council as Community Representatives.


Each Council member has equal say and a vote for each decision. If a vote is tied, the Executive Director makes the final call. The quorum of the Council will be half of the members.

Executive Director
The Executive Director is the chairman of the Council and the Board of Directors; this might sound very powerful at first, but it is important to remember that everyone has an equal say in the Council. The Executive Director just has more responsibilities to the Council and the Board of Directors. To list some of these:

  • Ensure that the Council is fulfilling their duties and decisions are being responsibly made at an acceptable pace.
  • Ensure that Directors are fulfilling their duties during daily operations.
  • During daily operations, the Executive Director will handle the events that “slip through the cracks”.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors are responsible for the daily operations of GFL under the direction of the Council. They are allowed to make decisions within their area without going to the entire Council, but they should never go against the direction set by the Council. Major decisions will be discussed with the Council beforehand.


A Director (excluding the Executive Director) is responsible for a specific area in GFL. The following areas exist at the moment:

  • Communication
    The Director of Communication is responsible for the daily operations concerned with communication. Primarily this is the Discord servers and the forums.
  • Tech
    The Director of Tech is the leader and spokesperson for the TAs. Furthermore, the Director will be responsible for the daily operations in the backend systems such as game servers, the network, web services, and so on.
  • Divisions
    The Director of Divisions is the leader and spokesperson for the DLs. This entails ensuring the DLs are fulfilling their duties. Only the Council in its entirety can promote and demote DLs.
  • Teams
    The Director of Teams is the leader and spokesperson for the Team Leaders. This entails ensuring that TLs are fulfilling their duties. The Director will be the interim leader of leaderless teams. The Council in its entirety must approve new teams or the removal of existing teams.


Areas will be added and removed as needed.

Division Representatives
In order to ensure that our divisions get proper representation in the Council, each well-established division (WED) has a spot in the Council as a Division Representative (DR). Each WED appoints a DL to be the DR in the Council. The Director of Divisions will act as their division’s representative if applicable.


The following divisions are considered well-established at the moment:

  • CS:GO
  • GMOD
  • Rust


Community Representative
One or more non-staff members of the community will serve as Community Representatives in the Council. These are ideally people who often play on GFL’s servers or similar. These representatives will be elected by the community and serve as a member of Council for six months.


You must be recommended by at least one Council member before being able to run for Community Representative.


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