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Jhiean's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): Jean

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62140767


Admin that banned you: Jinzu

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Server Ban for 1 Week no prior punishment


Why should you be unbanned?

Situation, (minecraft map)  3 people were infront of the of the T room bellow the light house, the one that only T can break 4 props to enter. Jinzu and somebody else are in front hugging the props trying to get in. I see Jinzu shoot one of the props and destroy it, so I shoot him out of reflex. He turns out to be a detective. So I may of have seen wrong, then I see the other prop get destroyed, so I shoot the other person and kill him. I(innocent) go to identify the other body while letting Jinzu(Detective) continue shooting at me. He turns out to be a innocent, so I get confused. I let the Jinzu(Detective) kill me. The other innocent sents a report for rmd. I start typing for the report while death, and before I finish. I get the banned notice. Second game today, and banned.

  • If only T can break those blocks then, maybe admin plays a role, then shooting Jinzu once was not a mistake
  • If anyone can break 2 blocks and not all 4 then It was my mistake, but it should of have been a warning, or a slay
    • I understand there were a lot of players, and you just ban random new players that mass rdm. But, with the member tag (proving I am not a random) and only this incident. It should only be a warning or slay.
  • I believe Jinzu is not fit to be a admin and this should be a red flag
    • He banned without the players in question finished their report
    • He did not whisper to maybe get a explanation
    • He did not take into account the actions before calculating penalty
    • The round before, he shoot me right away for being close to a unidentified body( that I did not see or kill, nor were there sounds of someone shooting) after calling once. He just called and shot right away.
    • He seems too impulsive, and downgrade compared to other admins


If the server is going to take his side because of being his friend or for his potentially long time with the server. And this is the type of admin behavior you guys are ok with. Then you do you. GL

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Destroying those blocks are not KOSable. If you have read our !motd, you would understand what had happened. As stated, the punishment for attempted mass is 1 week. Unfortunately you killed two innocents that were around and damaged me, which counts as attempt mass. We are not mandated to pm you about your offense, and we are to promptly deal with it. You were the one that misinterpreted the rules and started shooting anyone that broke those blocks. Since it is your first offense, I will accept this appeal because of how you misunderstood the rule. I hope you take the time to read the !motd to see what is KOSable and what is not.


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