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Best Gaming Laptop

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Hi all 🙂


I am soon about to purchase new computer - not at pure gaming computer, but a computer that should both be used for work (Adobe-software and music production) and gaming (LOL & CS).


First of all, which brand is the best?


And is there a specific model, I should give a look?


Thanks in advance 🙂



Glen Michaelsen


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Posted  Edited by Skittlez

You didn't exactly put a budget so I'm going to just link the laptop that I use. This is my personal laptop that I use for school and gaming. I'd for sure recommend this if you're wanting a little bit of gaming mixed with productive work...




EDIT: Oh, I thought you were looking for a laptop... I misread your thread. Either way, this laptop is good if you're wanting something portable. If not, I'm sure there are a few members that can point you towards a few prebuilt or parts lists.

Edited by Skittlez

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8 hours ago, Xy's secretary said:

Mac laptop is best gaming laptop

on the off chance you think hes serious, No. Macbook is terrible for gaming. 



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