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Dale Gribble.

need help for something

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I've moved this to the programming section :)


Notepad++ is a decent editor. However, you may also want to look into using Visual Studio Code. I switched from NotePad++ to VS Code a few months ago and I personally like it a lot more.


In regards to lua, are you looking to learn lua to develop addons/scripts for Garry's Mod?

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For glua (GMod lua to my understanding), I'd suggest starting here. If you want to get familiar with lua itself, I found this nice set of tutorials as well.


In the first link, the "Developer Reference" section will be very useful for once you understand the lua syntax.


With that said, I hope the game mode turns out well. If this is your first time messing with lua, I'd suggest starting off small such as making basic addons and scripts since making a game mode is a bigger task and may be overwhelming for beginners.


I haven't messed with lua as much throughout the last few years. Therefore, other more experienced developers may have more pointers, etc. There used to be a lot of tutorials on FacePunch's forum. However, that was taken down some time ago without any official archives unfortunately.


I hope the above helps :)

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