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TTT MC 24/7 Patch Notes

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Changes- Equipment:

  • Binoculars -> Telescope: Reskinned, icons changed. Charge time reduced from 5 to 2.5 seconds.
  • Body Armor: Icon changed to iron armor. C4: Reskinned to TNT, added new particles, icon changed.
  • Decoy: Reskinned to Minecraft Steve's head, icon changed.
  • Defuser: Reskinned, icon changed to shears.
  • Disguiser: Icon changed.
  • Golden Sword: Added a delay and sound when pulled out, retextured.
  • Health Station-> Cake: Reskinned, retextured, icon changed.
  • Incendiary Grenade: Changed fire particles to Minecraft fire particles.
  • Radar: Icon changed to compass radar. Radio: Reskinned to a note block, icon changed.


New- Equipment:

  • Fireworks Crossbow (NEW): Added a fireworks crossbow. Hold right click to charge, left click to fire. Does a minor explosion and propels people away from the radii.
  • Cloud boots (NEW): Added cloud boots. All fall damage is negated. Particles appear on the bottom of the player's feet when falling from a height- KOSable, !motd will be changed.


Changes- Mechanics:

  • Damage indicator: Added a new ui and response to getting damaged. New commands: !dim !dmgmenu !damagemenu
  • Hanging: Traitors can now hang diamond blocks, gold blocks, and minecarts.


Changes- Sprays:

  • Advanced sprays: type !spray to post URL sprays. VIPS and supporters are allowed gifs. Your spray rights can be revoked. Same rules apply.


Changes- MOTD:

  • KOSAable (Kill On Sight):
    • Emitting "Cloud boots" particles from the ground when falling from damaging heights.
  • Commands:
    • !sprays to edit your advanced sprays.
    • !dim !dmgmenu !damagemenu to edit your damage indicators. VIP/Supporter Perks: Vips and Supporters: Added advanced spray perks. You are now allowed to use gifs for your spray.

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