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Voting - SOTM - July '20

July '20 SOTM Voting   

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  1. 1. Which author's story did you personally like the best?

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The voting has begun for the SOTM for July '20! Here's how it works. The poll above should be used to select one person you feel did the best in this competition. The person with the most votes after the poll is closed will be the winner. It's that simple!


Try to keep the votes unbiased, please. Review all submissions and vote for which you feel deserves the win.


Reminder: The winner of this month's SOTM receives a badge that looks like this:



For more specific/recent information on the submissions and rules for this month's SOTM, read the thread below:


Here are this month's submissions:





"Hey, Adeline... you sure we'll find something in this plane?"
"No, but we need clues about what happened here. We were lucky to even find this fucking plane."


  I always looked at the ocean with awe; the way the sea blew on your face, how millions of animals live there, and the unknown horizons within the deepest parts. It has a sense of beauty attached to it. As I looked at the ocean traveling to Beijing, as I always do, I noticed something... off about the color of the ocean. There was no waves either. Of course, you'd think, there wouldn't be too high of waves to notice when your thousands and thousands of feet in the air, but it was unusually calm. I still had 3 hours left before I set foot in Athens, so I continued my little amusement with the ocean.
  The flight attendant comes up to me to ask if I wanted any beverage or a snack, and as usual, I said no. I'm on a strict gluten-free diet and messing it up now would cause months of progress to unfold, but enough about that tiny detail; what's wrong with the ocean? There is no waves, and the color looks more teal than blue. For the time being, I take my mind off of it and go to sleep. I still have four hours left and thinking about why the damn ocean is a bit different is adding onto my social anxiety.
  I woke up to a loud scream. It was a woman screaming bloody murder as she looked at her phone. I couldn't come to my senses just yet, but as I looked outside, the ocean appeared... closer? Suddenly, the news comes to light. The ocean swallowed most of the land up, and we're in the sky. We have no place to land.  No place to go. I summarized a lot of that but I am in a rush because I do not know how long I have left to live before this damn plane runs out of fuel.
  We're stranded. We will crash at any minute. I'm scared. I'm getting sloppy. I'm going to write this down and save it in a zip-lock baggie to hope that maybe, one day, someone will find it. I doubt it, but I take solace in that the human race isn't completely fucked and... my daughter didn't get the window seat.


"Jesus. Adeline. Come look at this. I guess we know what happened to Flight 370."








"I should've never come on this trip!" Roy's outburst caused the front of the exploration team to glance back. He looked miserable, feet tripping on every vine as he struggled to maintain pace.
Hime hung back, placing an arm around his shoulder in an attempt to console and serve as a crutch. "Please, Roy. Just a little further. You said it yourself that you could do this and I believe you. 
Only you know what the key to the temple actually is." Oscar loomed over, map in hand. "Actually, it looks to be about 5 more minutes. If we continue forward, there should be a shrine. As soon as we find it..."
His voice trailed off as he replaced the map with his trusty google pixel. "Still no service, and no messages from any one else. If we don't find at least one marker from this map, I can guarantee we're dead. Monkas."
Roy's brows furrowed in confusion. "Wait, did you really just say a twitch emote out loud?" "HARRY! Slow down! They stopped!" Amelie's shrill voice caused the team's chav to grimace. "Fuck them. Hope they- OW!" Being dragged by the ear,
Harrison unwillingly joined the group. "That cut looks bad, Roy. Let me get you a bandaid." While Amelie patched the founder up, the last member of the expidition team grabbed his silver flask and took a swig. He spoke no words, only
offering a thumbs up as his one and only form of communication. To be fair, his thumb was much larger than anything the team had seen, and held such magnificence that they took it without complaint. They tread on.
Oscar was right on the money. After exactly five minutes of trekking, the entrance to the temple came into view. When he realised this, Oscar nodded once. "I've such a massive, gigantic brain. Pepega." The temple was massive, the trees
cleared out all around it as if it had been recently taken care of. The shrine was just as it had been on the map, the gigantic carved archway looking as if it had been made only yesterday. An ancient language was meticulously chiseled onto 
the entire top. "I've never seen any language that looks like this." Amelie's words made her partner scoff. "Gibberish." Hime looked extremely troubled, hanging back and away from the unknown. "I don't think this is a good idea. What if
that is a curse? I don't like spirits! Did you know how many bad spirit stories there are in China?!" Roy washed all traces of being tired off his face, and consoled her. "Please, Hime. We finally made it. I won't let anything happen to you."
Harry, Amelie, Oscar, and Shuruia were already halfway to the temple. She swallowed once, nodding. "Alright. Let's go. I think I've seen this before maybe..." Although Hime didn't sound sure at all, she closed her eyes and ran. Huffing out a meek
laugh, Roy followed. When the entire team made it to the door of the temple, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a single coin. "If this doesn't work, we camp here for tonight and go back tomorrow. Okay?" The team agreed, and he searched the 
door for anything that looked like a way to get it open. Sitting on the floor to the left of the door, was a fired pottery piece of what appeared to be a cloud. A single slit at the top was the only adornment, and it refused to 
budge when Harry tried to lift it for Roy. Amelie snickered. "Oh come on, Harry. You're the muscles of the group and can't even lift that?" The brains of the group towered over Roy, plucking the coin out of his fingers. Oscar attempted to twirl it
between his fingers like a poker chip. When all attempts failed, he grimaced and deposited it into the slit on top of the cloud. "It was obvious that the cloud wanted us to pay it. No pay? No play." Adam gave a thumbs up, and the door shuddered. The temple 
was open.
Amelie thrust her hand over Harry and Hime's mouths. "Don't breathe that! Everyone cover your noses!" Adam shoved his thumbs inside his nostrils, Oscar was simply too tall for the first booby trap of the day to reach, and Roy
pulled the collar of his t-shirt quickly over his mouth and nose. When the gust of peppered dust made it's way past the group, everyone breathed a deep sigh. "Where do we go?" Hime asked timidly. Oscar tapped his fingers
together, attempting to parse just what exactly the map was saying. "Here, and here. There's more of those scribbles from the archway on the map. It's like a guide." When Roy reached for the map, Oscar held it out of his reach.
"I don't think so. You're sweating. You're going to ruin the paper." Roy huffed in annoyance and relented, choosing instead to examine the beginnings of the temple. There appeared to be only one single way to go, forward. And if he 
squinted hard enough, a pedestal was just barely visible at the end of the hall. Hime procured a canteen of ginger and honey tea. "Everyone, take a drink. It's too dry in here." Amelie and Shuruia obliged, but the rest of the team denied 
her offer. "Okay? More for me." Oscar shook his head. "This is impossible, actually. This language has no ties to any common route language. We're just going to have to go..." Roy cut him off. "We go forward. Be careful." The first three minutes
went by too smoothly. Closer to the end, it was plainly obvious that the treasure lay on top of the pedestal. No one spoke, only the sound of footsteps and clothes rubbing together breaking the eerie silence. "What do you think we can have for dinner, Hime?"
Looking positively relieved to be thinking of something other than curses and doom, she energetically began listing the ingredients in her backpack. "Im thinking we use the leaves and vines from the jungle back there to make some beggars chicken. Harry, you'll
help me dig the pit, right?" Before Harry could refuse, the sound of stone scraping against itself made the group freeze. "Shurururururururu! SHURURURA.....ADAM! Your foot!" Hime's panick wasn't without cause. The stone under the team's wild card had sunken into the floor.
Frowning, he stepped off before anyone could advise him not to. Thunderous rumbling began to echo through the temple hall, and the cobbled floor began sinking at an alarming rate. "Everyone!" Roy shouted, "Run!" Harry grabbed the packs from the two girl's backs immediately,
taking off into a sprint only drug dealers running from the cops could achieve. Oscar broke into a laboured run. "I'm not! built! for! this!" Shuruia hung back, making sure he was safe. It didn't last for long, as the stones were falling even faster, the area where they 
previously stood turning into a bottomless pit. Realizing Oscar was doomed, his friend pulled back and used his only strength to give him the push he needed to stay just in front of the falling floor. Amelie looked back, screaming. "Adam! NO!" Roy was still running in front, 
but the tears he shed for his fallen friend were visible. He knew that this trip would be dangerous, but he didn't want anyone to get hurt. He thought no one would get hurt! Tears freely streaming, he reached the pedestal. The temple's shuddering slowly grew quiet, and when the
team realized the floor was no longer falling, they all slowed to a walk. Oscar snatched the canteen from Hime's belt. "Shut up, I'm diabetic." It was the only thing he said through the gasps of air, and she didn't complain about the theft. Amelie tried wiping the tears from her eyes, and 
Harry patted her head. No one cared about the treasure now that an ally had fallen. Even Roy, who wanted to find out just what his Grandfather had really left for him, refused to look at the treasure. "Uh...a little help?" Gasping, Amelie took off towards the voice, and Harry followed
behind. Amazingly, Shuruia had hung on to the ledge with only the tips of his magnificent thumbs. Grabbing him by the back of the collar, Harry lifted him with ease out of the pit. Hime pulled him into a bone crushing hug, crying into his shoulder. "Ack! No! You'll get my shirt wet!" 
His nonchalant attitude made the team captain chuckle with relief. They made their way to the treasure.
A single stone chest was perched perfectly on the column, and Roy eagerly attempted to open it. When it didn't budge, Oscar circled it like a vulture looking for any sign of weakness. "There's nothing actually ON the box, so I have no clue how we are going to open it."
Only a lone key hole faced the group, leading everyone to double check and make sure they didn't have or find a key at any time. When no key could be found, Harry stood behind Amelie and began rifling through floral backpack on her back.
"This's it." He pulled out a lockpicking wallet, and began to feel around with the tension rod in the key hole. Miraculously, the chest's stone top popped up, allowing him to lift the top off with ease. Everyone crowded around the chest, eager to see what they risked life and limb for.
A lone, rolled up piece of parchment sat at the bottom on the chest, and Roy gingerly picked it up and unfurled the page. "It's another map." Hime looked upset. "No! No way! I'm not going on another one of these! Everyone, I'm logging off." Oscar agreed. "Jebaited. I'm too tired for another run."
Amelie patted Harry on the back. "We're done for today too. Let us know tomorrow if you're going to play again and we would love to! Thanks Roy!" Shuruia simply gave the leader a thumbs up, his character disappearing as he logged out as well. Roy pulled up his menu screen, making sure to save the group's location in the game. "Actually, I think next time, I'll load in some animals to mess with the players in the jungle. I better get coding!" Double checking to make sure it was saved, he took one last look at his hard work and logged out. Tomorrow, they can try another run he had been working on.



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