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gliptal2's CSGO Bhop Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): gliptal2

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:85072171


Admin that banned you: Anticheat

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): Ban for autostrafing/cheating


Why should you be unbanned?


I was unbanned for an autostrafe on the the bhop server. I had no intentions of getting a record or disturbing the server with it, I was just testing the feature for a cheat, on a server that happened to be GFL. Before this, and during this I had little intention for playing GFL's servers. I was banned on an alt and subsequently IP banned, getting me banned on my main. I am looking to be unbanned because I have friends that play on these servers. I never had, and still do not have any intentions of disturbing GFL's servers.


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