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Albion Online..?

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I played this a little while back with my Fiance - was curious if any of you have tried it?

When I say I played.. I busted out QUITE a lot of skills over the course of a few months. I think I've still enough in game currency to get premium subscription, which is no task to scoff at TBF..


Really cool game, though..

Very sand-boxy .. Very 'open' overall; in respect to being able to do whatever you want, ie: Whatever skill you like, train it. Whatever weapons you like, train it. You don't have to use 'class' specific gear.. more like finding good gear, mix-matching that shit...stuff that gives you buffs/abilities that coincide with other abilities on the other gear you wear... Crazy Community driven Market action.

The game is a fucking hole to dive into, that's for sure.


I'd be interested in some casual play if any of you are familiar with it.

Granted, I barely have time as it is with IRL shit popping off.. but I'm making some room


Anyway, what are your guys' thoughts?



-motorsteak 2020

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Posted  Edited by Joshy

I haven't played it, but when I looked at the website it looks like a game my girlfriend plays every once in a while.  I'll ask her more about it :)




Just asked my girlfriend.  You can tell I'm not a real gamer.  Apparently I saw her playing LoL, lol 😅

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