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SomeHoodieGuy's 2Fort 2 Player Report

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Player Name *Dead*

Player Steam ID [U:1:259731295]


Your Name SomeHoodieGuy

Your Steam ID [U:1:450676133]


Tell us what happen 

I had joined the 2fort_revamp_v2 server expecting a normal round of wildly tossing pipes and missing. What I got however, was stopped. As I was playing on BLU, the RED team was pinning my team very hard down in our base. I decided to go Spy to try and do something about it, but I quickly found that *Dead* could see me while I was invisible. He took pot shots at me and at one point, chased me while I was cloaked as soon as he stepped out of spawn. In the attached clip, he is clearly shown looking directly at me, then pretending not to see me. Then, he just so "happens" to bump into me. After I escape his attempt at justifying killing me then and there, I simply watch him. He begins to conga, for no reason. He hadn't gotten a kill, he just started congaing. By this time another Spy came by. It was clear this was an attempt to lure me out of cloak.


Do you have any evidence that supports your claim? 

Yes, I do have evidence. In this link I have attached, you will see just how badly he covers up his wall-hacks or ESP or whatever he's using. Apologies for the poor quality, but because of the size of my monitor I had to downscale it and trim it quite a lot.



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Hello @SomeHoodieGuy, I have look into this report and the player background, I can't really do much since this is not enough evidence to use against *Dead* if he has any sort of hacks he may have install. I would recommend spectating him in first person view if you still suspect if *Dead* is cheating. I will also talk to my staff to see if we can watch the guy closely.


EDIT: The Player is already been banned after review demos from the admin hotgrits

Thanks for the report




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