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Bloopers's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: Bloopers


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:83812714


Banned by: Console


Ban Reason: Karma Too Low


Why should you be unbanned

I'm sure it's know by anyone who plays on Rotation that everyone's latency is god awful and the gunfights are based off of whose hitbox will connect with a shot first. Anyways, I was passing a detective in a room with two terrorists and shots began to go off. I read chat and see the detective called a KOS on one of the terrorists in the room. As I walk towards the entrance of the room, the detective is firing shots at both terrorists while exiting the room (only one is KOS'd). I begin to shoot the terrorist KOS'd by the detective, and I somehow manage to shoot the detective in the head, killing him instantly (he forgave me in the report). The detective wasn't even in my crosshair when I fired, which is where the beginning of this appeal servers a purpose. I continue to shoot at the KOS'd terrorist and kill him as well. Once I I'd the body, I move to the other terrorist in the room and begin to shoot at them for not killing a KOS'd person (by a detective) that was also firing shots at and damaging a detective. I have a detective and two innocents on my killed list, so of course I get karma banned. 


Premise: I killed a detective in crossfire while following a KOS that they killed, then killed another innocent for not following the KOS while being in the same room as the KOS'd person.

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