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Discord Support Update Suggestions?

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I'm working on revamping our Discord Support channel/category.


Without getting too much into it, here is a brief on some suggestions I need help with.


We will be making an addition to one of the current Bots on the Main GFL Discord;

This addition will cater directly to improving our ability to help players get the information they need in a timely manner, depending on the subject-matter.


For example:


The user/player will open the '#general-support' channel, and type something to the effect of '!support' to access the bots support function.

The bot will then DM the user/player (assuming the user allows DM's from non-friends) with a list of categories that might be the subject in question. [The reason it will be DM based, is to reduce clutter; and avoid any confusion in the case more than one person needs to use the support functions at the same time.]


Hello! What can I help you with Today?


!Server - Info on Server Support

!Forum - Info on Forum Support

!Discord - Info on Discord Support


Please reply with the command, corresponding to the subject/category you need support with to continue...


Now, to elaborate a little more.. lets use the !Server reply-command as the next example.

When the user accesses the !Server support category, they will be given a list of our Servers. After they choose the server; something along the lines of '!Decoy' for my Decoy Dodgeball server; the bot will then provide server specific support categories/choices..



!MuteBan - Appeal a Mute/Ban for Decoy Dodgeball

!Connection - Troubleshoot Connection problems for Decoy Dodgeball

!Staff - Staff contact information for Decoy Dodgeball


etc etc..


What I need, is suggestions for what these categories are named/called;

Basically, what would be the simplest, most concise, and understandable setup for this? I have a general idea of how it should be put together; but getting some outside input would greatly reduce any future change needs..or general confusion whatsoever.


Throw in some suggestions, whatever it may be. Even if your suggestion isn't used, getting some outsider view-points will greatly reduce the need for changes later.

I want to see Main Support Category suggestions, wording suggestions, etc..


If you're reading this, and you are a Server Manager; I will be contacting you directly for some more server specific information that I might need, or just to give you the chance to add something that might not be in the default build for other servers. Though, don't hesitate to throw in a suggestion or two for the default build.


Thank you all, ahead of time!

Your feedback is much appreciated.



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-motorsteak 2020

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