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Each State's Export, also Who They Export To

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Hello! Recently, I found these two maps, one my friend found, the other one I found online that paired with the other map so nicely. I thought I would share them here!

Each States Biggest Export Partner.png

This is the first map. In this map we see their biggest export partner. As you can see, more than 80% of this exports to Canada. The one thing I found very interesting was where Washington DC exported to, which you can see from here is United Arab Emirates which is really quite weird considering there the only one that exports to them. There is only one state that exports to Brazil, which is Florida. Some other unique ones are France (Connecticut), Switzerland (Nevada), Australia (Hawaii), and last, but not least is Hong Kong (Utah).

What Each State Exports.png

Here, we see what they export. They are a lot of unique ones here. However, some of them that pop out to me is the fact that Alaska's top export is Zinc, and Wyoming's top export is Soda Ash.

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