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Hurricane Matt

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Not sure why there hasn't been any info about it in News here, even though a good portion of the community is in the US and plenty are in the East coast, I'm going to tell you all about Hurricane Matthew.    


It looks like its going to hit the east Coast after hitting Florida. After touchdown in Haiti, the category 4 hurricane left with a total of 9 dead known so far, and as it hits the Sunshine state, its sure to increase. On Thursday it will touchdown on the state, so if you're anywhere near the East coast, and are afraid of being hit by Matthew, be sure to pack up supplies in case it damages utility lines, cover your windows with shutters, and stay safe and indoors.  Depending on your location should you reside in Florida, by Friday night it should to the middle of the east coast, and by Sunday it'll be all the way up the coast. There have been some map images of the Skull formed from Hurricane Matthew, possibly foreshadowing further destruction and death as it travels.  Cuba is also being hit by the storm.


Any bigger and more accurate numbers will come in the future. Keep an ear out if you're worried about the hurricane. Matt is a killer, Matt is a threat, and Matt is leaving a trail of destruction, as we've seen from Haiti so far, and will leave more after it's touchdown in the Sunshine state reaches the airwaves. Stay safe everyone. Some of you will need it.


If you have any information to share, or just want to comment about any of it, it is welcomed.








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Oh yea i know. Its going hit me as a cat 3 buuutttt im a Floridian I've been through many hurricanes so to me not worried. Im just scared for the white teenagers who like to do Hurricane parties at the beach and drink. 

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Its allllllll about the views. Nobody will tune in if you show the truth of some areas.


By the way, death count now 136


And "can cost 200 Billion in damages" but I got the feeling thats just a scary big number they like saying.

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@ DootyDootTheSkeleLord


I would have contributed significantly to this but was on vacation in Italy. Interestingly my return flight had me stop by North Carolina on Wednesday. Had I made an extension on my vacation, I would have had a fun layover. I was tracking it as a strong wave with decent spin off of Africa but I knew it wouldn't go gulf coast due to the fall cold fronts. If anyone wants useful weather links, let me know and I'll post them. They range from Joe public to Meteorological expert analysis (such as live tracking and very raw data of Miss Piggy P-3 Orion Hurricane Hunter and the 53rd Air Force recon).


All in all. Poor Haiti. Sad to say but its just gonna happen again in the not too distant future if preparation in that country isn't solved. Heck they're still dealing with damage from the 2010 earthquake.

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