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Rhysin but BlazingArson

Fancy forum signature <3 Art Request from Joe with the numbers

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Request type:

Fancy forum signature <3



1000x500 i guess


Source image/render: 

Kokichi Oma Wallpapers - Top Free Kokichi Oma Backgrounds ...
(credit to @LeliexLelie on Twitter)
Nagito Komaeda PNG Image | Transparent PNG Free Download on SeekPNG
(Couldn't find the credit so im assuming its official artwork?)


Text *(optional):

"Joe With The Numbers"
"TTT MC 24/7 Admin"
"TTT 4 Anarchy Admin"
If possible


Color scheme *(optional):

Pourple and Green If possible



I really liked @Bae's signature, so maybe similar like that? other than that i dont really have any examples. Go wild! Take as much time as needed, this isn't a priority. I hope this is enough to go off! If anythin else is needed dm on discord @Damien Bitc-#4939 


Additional information: 

Idk i saw Bae's signature and I liked how it looked. Other than what's specified do whatever you want :D


Signature made by the awesome @Kaylode

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The person that I made my signature is no longer part of the team. So I'll just make what closest design I could try to make.



credits to @Clavers

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