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jwebb416's TTT Rotation Mute/Ban Appeal

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Name: help me I hate my life!


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:42735377


Banned by: Daddy Issues


Ban Reason: Harassment/Trolling


Why should you be unbanned

I would like to be unbanned as I was banned for harassment/trolling when I was only retaliating to me and my friend being harassed, however it was only me that got banned. The person that I was retaliating to kept calling me and my friend stupid brits and flaming us in chat, I kept asking in chat how I report them for harassment however no one replied and i eventually got banned, I'm sorry if this was spamming but we were the ones getting harassed 

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Posted  Edited by Daddy Issues

Considering how this started by you T baiting and shooting at xyp, then reporting him for killing you, after that you started to harass xyp even calling him a fag at one point and targeting him on your t rounds, you and your friend JBS or whatever his name was were harassing xyp for speaking in the third person, you kept spamming how to report someone but not for harassment, you said how to report someone for racism, as I remember clearly because he called you a stupid brit. 


So no, that was not a retaliation when it was you who started it, instigating the whole thing led to xyp calling you stupid brits, and you were not the ones being harassed. It was in fact the exact opposite of what you were saying. May I add that you false reported him a couple of times.


Edited by Daddy Issues


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