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Red Eyed Jedi

Red Eyed Jedi Karma Ban Appeal

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Name: Red Eyed Jedi


Steam ID (or steam profile link): STEAM_0:1:12384776


Banned by: Karma Banned


Ban Reason: Karma too low


Why should you be unbanned:


It all started the previous round on slender when some random shot me with a shotgun and ran off. I chased him down and lost karma for killing him.  The next round I was a t and warned multiple times to stay away from the large group of innos (in chat), I threw a hhg and as I was backing away, the same player (now my t buddy) I had killed from the previous round ran in there.  Was he doing it for revenge? probably not, I cannot imagine throwing away a t round for something like that.  Anyway, he apparently ghosted his friend (also our t buddy) that I had killed him, so he called me out in chat to be a t who rdmed.  He then shot me, attempting to rdm me (my own t buddy did this).  I killed him then I continued to attack and was killed.  After I died I got karma banned.  Klink was on the server at the time and can probably confirm some of the details.



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