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Just wanted to say Hi

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Hey guys I'm brand new here and I just became a member because I would like to play with you all some time on your ZE server. I'm a very active member at Steam-Gamers (just became and admin there) and I have played with some of your members in the past on Steam-Gamers zombie escape server and then I felt compelled to check out the actual GFLClan ZE server. Wow you guys really know how to have fun and try hard. I'll definitely be coming around for good times when I'm not busy doing my jerb at SG. Also, feel free to join us for any of our ZE fun times. We may not always have as many great leaders and veterans as you guys, but when the tryhards come on (including a good amount of regulars that play here :p), you know it's gettin real.


Edit: Also looks like you guys share a hate for Aesthetic much like us. xD

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