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Sub Badge / Emote Request From Blah <3

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Hey Guys :) , first off if you're here I appreciate you stopping by because that show's you're interested in helping me out!

So basically... I have a twitch channel, it's began to show some growth lately nothing too insane but you know a decent amount of subs and what not. But now that im 

gaining I would like to get some Sub-Badges / Emotes to give back to my supporters. If anyone would like to help me out it would be insanely appreciated. ❤️



To give a basic run down... My channel "Theme" is based off of "Heuy Freeman" from the Boondocks TV Show. And Afro Samurai, (example shown below.)spacer.pngOffline.thumb.png.6164719b9e2427c1f4deabb9fa19ff9b.png

(ps... name has always been Blah on GFL but my real name is Ronny ;) )


So the idea I had in mind would sort of be a cartoon character with an afro type of thing. It wouldn't necessarily have to be these characters but I want that cartoony

type theme going, I would like to see what kind of little characters people come up with to be honest. I'm more leniant torwards how it looks, I'm gonna let the Designer

do their creative magic and make some cool looking cartoon characters.


So pretty much, I would like to have a cartoon character with an afro saying phrases I normally say. I have a list of phrases I would like put into the emotes if anyone is interested.

Thank you all for your time I appreciate any help that is provided and anyone taking the time to read this. ❤️ 

My twitch is twitch.tv/KidRonnyy For anyone interested! 


Much Love, -Blah ❤️ 

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Accidental Picture.

-Blah ❤️

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Hiya! My name is Queen! I will be interested in taking your offer for this request! Please message me on my discord at 





I work with character drawings as well ^^ I look forward to hearing from you!


                                                                                                          ❤️ GFX TEAM ❤️


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