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im coming back have nothing else to do

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its weird i coulnt post on enything else then that but ok...


im coming back because i got nothing else to do and i love you all = my murder fam!

the reason is that i am going every were and iim not sure why and i get pushed one side and then the other!

now i got nothing to do so i decide to come back and just so you dont ask,

yes i did about four good byes because i got alot going in my life but every thing is ok.

i want to stay and maybe i want be on for a will some times!

but what ever that means loll!

im coming back cause i dont want to quit!


its too good of a comunity and i want to stay

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Just now, Sheriff_Hatty said:

@Sheriff_Hatty V2, the guy who leaves and comes back multiple times.


(oh wait, thats me.)


Welcome back.

yah well like i said i have alot going on


i work and i go to school



when i say i work its not school work its with my dad in semi trucks and stuff 


with flat beds

step decks

duble trop

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