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Suggestion: Gmod TTT server with Extra Roles

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I know there has been a recently opened additional Trouble in Terrorist Town server already, the Relaxed Rules one. However, the one thing all four servers have in common is that they all use the base gamemode of TTT. This is natural as this is the most popular variant of the gamemode for servers. However, a 'sequel' of sorts to Trouble in Terrorist town was released, TTT2(I believe Relaxed Rules actually uses that version) that added support for additional roles beyond just the standard Detective, Innocent, and Traitor.


The classes they started out with tended to take a lot of inspiration from Town of Salem or other similar party games, adding stuff like a Jester Role whos goal is to get himself killed by other players, but cannot directly hurt other people. This variant is incredibly popular on youtube i noticed, getting more views than normal TTT gamemode videos and having a lot of channels with variants, or some channels focusing basically exclusively on it(Modern Yogscast comes to mind). There is clearly an audience for this kind of TTT, and it would be a nice 'finisher' of sorts to round out the collection of TTT servers GFL is already running(Minecraft, Rotation, Relaxed Rules/Anarchy, and Vanilla). I dont think it would possibly risk hurting the population of the other TTT servers either, as it targets a slightly different audience than normal TTT, and Minecraft and Rotation already have a lot of overlap in playerbase from the get go.


However, most servers that tried to start up a server for such a thing tended to start strong but die fast due to questionable decisions made by the server owners. I don't think this is a sign of the gamemode variant itself lacking a playerbase, as it is clearly there, but the fact it can't run the standard strict TTT server rules since doing so renders some roles essentially unplayable(Looking at you, Jester). Additionally, there is a lot of addon roles to choose from, some made from the authors of TTT2, some made by third party authors, and it can be a pain to sort through which are worth having on a server and which make the experience worse, not to mention several of the roles can involve some convoluted ruling that could make them impractical for server use(Pirate Captain and Bodyguard comes to mind).


Judging from the success and how well managed the GFL TTT servers have been in the past, i don't think managing such a server would turn out to be a problem. It essentially requires the same amount of knowledge as running a normal TTT or TTT2 server, just with the added roles needing to be managed, which isn't too difficult from past experience with the addon. It uses all of the same maps as normal TTT can, and is compatible with 90% of the addons for TTT(and even has some addons that only work for TTT2). 



  • Has potential high demand due to popularity on youtube and other sites.
  • Has a lot of developers currently making addons for it.
  • Has built in ULX support and almost every single class addon has built in ULX commands to make tweaking values easy.
  • Would have very little risk of splitting the TTT playerbase too far.
  • Only requires slightly more knowledge than managing a normal TTT server.
  • Has nearly full compatibility with normal addons already made for TTT, such as maps or items.
  • Offers a unique and varied gameplay that differs from normal TTT in several ways, such as more threats to look out for for the innocents, or more unique innocent roles other than just the Detective.



  • Requires its own ruleset closer to Relaxed Rules than normal vanilla TTT due to the nature of several roles.



  • Just opened another TTT server recently.
  • Large amount of custom classes made for the gamemode means there is a lot to go through and ensure the best ones are picked.
  • Increased amount of roles and behaviors requires more knowledge on the behalf of staff moderating the server.
  • Increased amount of configing needed to set up roles to the server's tastes.
  • Unsure as to how it would affect common pointshop items included on most of the TTT servers, such as Role selection items. Might not be compatible or require a custom made one in order to include the new roles.
  • Unsure as to compatibility with Damage logs, which would be a major concern.
  • Maps with Testers would likely behave strangely due to the additional roles(not detecting certain roles, mis-identifying certain roles, etc).
  • Several cool Roles could potentially be convoluted to manage on a server, such as Pirate.


Link to Relevant Collection:


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