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Not sure how to approach this matter

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Okay so it's roughly my 2nd week or so playing on the GFL server for ZE. 


Managed to be plagued by this bugger called weiyuan394. Personally, I found him to be quite intriguing. However, he proved to be quite the trigger material after the 5th day. He's the epitome of what I despise. How can one's skull be so thick?


Now, he's just being a complete dick to me even when I'm not disturbing him or whatsoever. This is also just the tip of the iceberg. Call me sensitive or whatever, but this is just plain ridiculous. I'm pretty sure those who frequent the server know very well about how he is like.


So what do I do now, ignore and makedo with it? My experience in the server is being ruined by this bugger.






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I noticed you crossed it out.  If you feel like you are being targeted, please contact an admin/server manager, and they would probably be happy to assist you.


Best regards,



(Made by @Rose, thx :D)


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I'm out



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