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It might be it - Smrize

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It might be it might be it.


Lets make it a introduction about myself.


Not much to say about myself.

But ... 


I like being in a community that I'm playing with. It's like get to know people and form friendships and have inside jokes and all. It's fun.

I've been searching for great CS:GO zombie server for quite some time now. I think I've found it finnaly. I've have invested few hours into it and it's fun.

I like it how people actually communicate like "GO Go GO!" or "Go east, don't go west. It's blocked!" or "I actually sh*t myself when he jumped out from that corner".

I can actally feel it when there's more mature players than people that scream seamlessly and listen to very bad music in the background.

I like it when I step on someones toe then the insult that's coming at me, I'm able to understand it and cry in the corner. (screaming right in the mic with settings way too high - unable to comprehend)


Still few things maybe to add about myself - 


1. selfemployed

2. I actually work for my GF so not THAT selfemployed.

3. When I get late to work I must sleep on the balcony (haven't arrived late yet)

4. I make jokes (Don't know if bad or good. GF laughs always... so they must be good)

5. Love my relationship (She insisted me to type it)

6. Actally she didn't and I realy love the relationship actually.

7. I play games.

8. I photoshop.

9. And I... I think that's all for now.



Anyways. Good to be here!

Lets have fun! :)

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Welcome to the community! I don't really know much about our ZE server except one thing is it's cancerous but in a good way 😎 

Your GF seems like a nice person and good that you love her for that. 😂

Interesting, you like Photoshop. If you like to share your gallery, you can always post your art gallery in here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/948-art/ you just make your own thread and viola post away as long as it's sfw. If it's NSFW, you probably shouldn't post 'em.

Other than that, please enjoy your stay here.


credits to @Clavers

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