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New in GFL? [Updated commands][Best weapon in ZE]

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What is GFL?


It's an expanding gaming community where you and your friends can share their gameplay experiences and new ideas on how to be better at it.

The topics you can share vary from gaming to programming which should be a dream for people that seek attention.


What should be my steps to get maximum experience?


1. Get to be a member of community!

  - It's realy simple to apply. Look for "APPLICATIONS" above and there's a dropdown menu. Klick for Member application and fill out the form and BOOM! You're almost a FRIEND!

Or just klick here to apply: https://gflclan.com/memberapplication/


2. You want to know the commands! [UPDATED]

 - YEAH! What could help you most are the commands. Sometimes, when you game, you think like why things are so complicated. THEY are not! It's you who's playing it complicated *Slow laugh*

 - The commands for ZE servers are here: 

And thanks for @reduct for creating this little thread for us! Go there and like the Thread!


Some other great commands to use are weapon commands. It makes changing from long range weapon to short range weapon simplier. Just press a key and *BOOM* you have a new weapon to die with!

Make sure you have console enabled in your settings - Game menu.

To choose a weapon you just type in the chat !weapon. For example: !bizon


Open console with ` and use the following commands


bind KEY "say WEAPON"

For example: bind c "say !bizon"

It'll buy you a Bizon. It's a good gun.


That way you can bind multiple guns on your keyboard.

But don't forget, those guns require IG money. If you buy too many times, you'll be unable to change weapon at some point. So use it wisely.



3. Check out the forums

 - Most important thing is to check out the forums! When you don't know anything then you must have a clue where you can find help for your need! It's fast! Play it smart, not hard!


4. Get linked so hard that you never-ever "gonna wanna" spend too much valuable time!

 - When you have the links you can browse realy fast. Thanks to @Pr0xy who simplified this to all of us and created this wonderful thread! Go there and like the thread!

 - Get access to it here: 



5. Divisions are the holy grail!

 - Get to know the games! Check out the divisions to get more I just got you above! It's so simple! You can find quides, trainings and so much more! Mistakes that people do, are that they're not clicking and scrolling! Just do it!

I'm not lying to you! Klick on the thread/topic and just scroll down and *BOOM*, there more threads. It's like a paradise to gamers!

 - See the divisions here: https://gflclan.com/forums/forum/22-divisions/


6. Get the maps!

 - When you have all the maps downloaded and placed in "Counter Strike: Global Offencive\csgo\maps" folder then you dont have to worry about getting into the map too late. Every second counts.

You can find surf maps here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrfjFhTzY3jgDHkS-LQfkwt_lgCHaVhvdXad9byKt-4/edit?usp=sharing but can't download them unfortunatelly. 

Thanks to @FrenZy, we're able to see them. But don't know if we're able to download them yet. Go there and like the thread!


You can find Zombie Escape maps here: 

You can also download them all at once via an application: https://github.com/Vauff/MapDownloader/releases/download/v2.0.1/MapDownloader.exe

Thanks to @Deltacommander this is possible. So big thumbs up to him/her! Go there and like the thread!



7. Best weapon to use in zombie server? [NEW]


Seems like it's PP-Bizon. There was a debate if P90 was better but people confirmed it using numbers that Bizon is the best weapon to use.

I myself use also Bizon and use Negev for short range combat to keep the walkers away.


There's also a post on it that realy confirms it. Check it here:

Thank you @ChicagoBen for the post! Go there and like that post!







You can also donate to the community to help to keep up the servers and website. If you donate, you're helping the community to get bigger and make you alot new players to game with.

You can do it here: https://gflclan.com/donate/


That's how I started. I checked so many threads that I forgot to eat! And don't forget, if you ask questions, nothing will happen to you. You get to keep all the fingers and limbs.

After you find everything, thank the STAFF for keeping it all well organized. If it whouldn't be that way, I wouldn't find anything to my needs!


If you feel that you're hold of an info that a newcomer should know then reply it above!


Going to mention here also that I'm not a native speaker so my english isn't perfect.


This is Smrize and if you won't act, you wont get anything.






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