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So when does the staff at GFL plan to pull their heads out their ass and shit can cloud servers? 
All of GFL servers lagg extremely and create such an shit experience. 

Hate to be rude, but im here to start rattling these bum ass fuckers chereos. 
Dont host game servers if you plan to be a cheap ass and go cloud based servers. They dont work worth a shit and a dual core intel celeron D laptop can outperform better than their GFL servers. 

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44 minutes ago, JGuary551 said:

@Roy Spit some facts on this kiddo real quick xD

Assuming this isn't a troll post (which I'm assuming/hoping it is), there usually isn't a point in answering people who automatically assume you run on cloud servers without any evidence and also ruling out other things like possible routing issues from them to the game servers network-wise or just poor optimization on the server (or map) itself (which wouldn't be related to the server's hardware). But eh, fuck it, I'm out of it at the moment.


Anyways, feel free to read this thread ->


To answer your assumption, we don't run on cloud servers. Every dedicated machine we have right now supports more than 4.0 GHz turbo on all cores. Now, depending on the server, there could be issues with optimization either with the addons/plugins ran, the map, or the machine itself could potentially be overloaded (which will be resolved as soon as we fully move to the new setup proposed in the above thread, but less likely since we've moved a lot of servers from overloaded machines to GS14 IIRC). This means it is less than likely the hardware. Apart from that, our new setup includes one machine with the Intel i9-9900K and two others with the Intel i9-10900K (both probably the most powerful CPUs for single-threaded performance which matters the most for the type of game servers we run generally). The Intel i9-9900K on GS14 has been clocking at 4.7 GHz steadily with anything above 20% overall load on the machine and I've been monitoring this constantly the last week. I've also performed a stress test on the machine before moving it to production which had consistent 4.7 GHz on all cores and the results can be found here -> 



@Hayze If you're not trolling with this thread then provide the game server you're referring to and also provide evidence that we run on cloud servers.




I'm going to go pass out now and ❤️  you all.

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