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Favorite Cartoon/Character from Cartoon?

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I don't honestly know if this topic was already made, and if it wasn't or was, why not have one that's more up to date so people would most likely see it, right?

Anyways, my favorite Cartoon in the year 2000s was Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I can't honestly FATHOM how good this damn series was, the character development, and my favorite of them all was Iroh, may he rest in peace.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender...YES! 

Mainly cause most other "cartoons" I watched was Anime:

DBZ, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Digmon, Beyblade and... Tenchi Universe.


Fav Character was Sokka, ya boy doing bits.

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My favorite cartoon is undecided
I like Avatar:TLAB, She-Ra:POP, Code Lyoko, MLB, SU, and others
But if i HAD to choose, i'd probably go with Code lyoko because 
1: SU spinoff decreased SU's value for me
2: MLB is still in progress and could just flop
3: Code Lyoko is most likely the one ive rewatched the most
But She-Ra:POP and Avatar:TLAB tied for a close 2nd

My favorite character(s) from each of these
ATLAB: Iroh, Toph
SPOP: Catra, Entrapta, SEA HAWK
Code Lyoko: Yumi
MLB: Alya, Juleka, Luka
SU: Amethyst, Lapis


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