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Unban me please

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Name: SoLongDan


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:1:105077683


Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Console variable manipulation, clientside lua exection


Why you should be unbanned: I wrote a form on the Purge server but I guess i was banned from the TTT server. I would like to play on the purger server.  

I haven't actually played this server before, but it says i was banned by anticheat. I do have cheat engine and scripts, but i wasn't trying to run them on the server. I usually run them in my brothers dead server and we mess around there when we get frustrated with normal rp servers. Now, I quit cheat engine before I tried joining this server but before I even started playing I got banned. I understand if you don't want to unban me, but I would like to play on this server because I like the FA:S weapons and every GFL server I see is always packed. I won't run scripts on this server nor could i obviously, but I would very much appreciate the second chance. Thank you. 


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Since this is a !cake ban, I'll just tag @Violatorsince he's the manager





(Made by @Rose, thx :D)


[Former]- Breach Admin, OLD Purge SR. Admin, HnS admin, GMOD Murder admin, GMOD JB Admin, TTT Admin, Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, Public Relations Team Member, Media Team Member


I'm out



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