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Anarchy Guide v1b

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Posted  Edited by scorpima

So, you’re new to this server and don't have time to read the full role list, here’s a brief version.


This server has three main teams Innocent, Traitor, and Other. The innocent roles win with Innocents, and want to kill all “evil” roles (Traitors plus the evil Other roles.)

The Traitors win by eliminating all Innocent and Other roles. The Other roles have no allegiance and have to win alone (kill all Innocent, Traitor, and any Other role.)



Kill all Traitor roles and evil aligned Others. Wins with Innocent team. Innocents do not have to kill neutral-aligned Others. All evil-aligned Others are KOS, same as Traitors are.


Innocent: This is the basic TTT role. 

Detective: A basic TTT role. Access to Detective Shop.

Spy: Appears as Traitor to anyone on the Traitor team. Aside from that, a basic Innocent.

Pharaoh: An innocent with an Ankh, which allows you to respawn once (with 50% hp) or will heal you if you stand near it. The Ankh must be placed prior to death and can be destroyed by users.

Priest: Has a special Deagle that can add members to your Brotherhood. If they are a part of the Innocent team, they will be added to the Brotherhood. If not, you die. The Priest Deagle damages a Detective. If a Priest shoots a Marker, all members of the Brotherhood get marked. If the Priest shoots the Sidekick or the Infected, the shot player dies. If they get shot by a Jackall or Infected, then all members of the Brotherhood get affected by the shot.

Wrath: Appears as a basic Innocent. If killed by another Innocent teammate, they will respawn as a Traitor.

Survivalist: An innocent with one credit to spend in the Detective shop.

Lycanthrope: Appears as a basic Innocent. If the only innocent-aligned player left, they get serious buffs.

Skirmisher: A slightly better innocent; heals after killing an evil-aligned / Traitor role.



Kill all Innocent and evil-aligned Others. Wins with the Traitor team. 


Traitor: The basic TTT Traitor. You have T buddies, but one is a Spy, so be careful.

Executioner: A Traitor with a target, you deal 50% more damage to said target.

Graverobber: A normal Traitor is turned into a Graverobber whenever the Ankh is placed down. Steal the Ankh for yourself.

Mesmerist: You are a Traitor with a special defibrillator. Revive a player as a Traitor, no matter what their original role is.

Haunted: A traitor that respawns with 50 HP whenever their killer dies.

Glutton: A Traitor that can eat bodies, gaining 25 hp per body. If their hunger falls to zero, they become a Ravenous (see Other roles.)

Defective: Appears as a Detective, but is actually a Traitor. Has access to pieces of both the T and D shops.



This “team” is not a team. All members of Other are alone.


Ravenous: A fast role that has a red trail and a knife. They are not a Traitor-role anymore.

Restless: Evil-aligned. Restless has no teammates, but can respawn 5 times when killed. Spawning with less health and damage each death.

Jackal: Evil-aligned. Kill every player, except your sidekick. You get a sidekick Deagle that turns any player into a Sidekick, that kills everyone with you.

Sidekick: Evil-aligned. Get turned this role by the Jackal, now aligned and wins with Jackal. Kill everyone.

Serial Killer: Evil-aligned. A kill-all role that has a unique item shop.

Mimic: Neutral-aligned. Copy a living player's role by clicking E on them.

Marker: Evil-aligned. The Marker cannot deal any damage and must mark players with their paintball gun. Marked players cannot kill you, but will call you out as the Marker.

Amnesiac: Neutral-aligned. Take a dead persons role. Either by identifying an unID or Walk + E on a previously ID'd body.

Doppelganger: Evil-aligned. "Disguise" as a living player's role by clicking E. The player will become an Unknown. You stay on the Doppleganger team and must kill all players, regardless of disguised role.

Jester: Neutral-aligned. The only way to win is to die and cannot deal damage. There are many different effects that happen to the Jester when they die. Some states are: Win the game, become the opposite role of your killer, become the same role as your killer, and many other variations of the last two.

Infected: Evil-aligned. Kill players with your fists to turn them into Zombies. Zombies have 30 HP and a Zombie model.

Randy Rando: Evil-aligned. A kill-all role with a Randomizer, a one-use item that causes a random round effect. Has a "randogun" that has random effects and damage.

Unknown: Neutral-aligned. Respawn with the role of your killer. You win with your killer’s team, but cannot win as Unknown.

Updated: 7 Feb '21
Written by: @scorpima

Full guide, with up-to-date roles:



Edited by scorpima

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February Log:

- Added: Randy Rando, Doppelganger, Mimic, Ravenous, Glutton, Defective, Executioner, Skirmisher, Lycanthrope.

- Removed: Hitman.

- Updated information of Priest to include more specific role information.

- Changed formatting.

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