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GFL Meme Competition - Winners

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Posted  Edited by Salad


Hey again, everyone. @Salad, @Trigger, and I have decided and would like to announce the winner of GFL's first meme competition.










I go onto the forums and see a funny post, but no longer there, are the poggers, nor the hypers.

I slam my keyboard, stomp my feet, how dare they do this to me,  I'm not a baby who wears diapers!

I sob and sob, but I soon realize the truth, perhaps this was indeed for the best.

I see the circle which contains a greyed out heart, perhaps said heart represents the one in my chest.

I click the reaction and sit back in utter bliss, to which the heart replies: "Moo The Cow like this"











There once was a server by the name of "TTT MC" which has no relation to GFL. The server manager Milkman, decided to dip and get some milk while leaving the server with an open position. Jinzu then takes control of it and makes it the best server ever.  Milkman then decides to comeback, then spongebob (rosyp) tells the playerbase to cheer for jinzu too. But the playerbase, say "boo" which in this universe means poggers.  Then they all decide to have a nice celebration : ). 



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.











Alright, you load up your favorite Garry's Mod server looking to have a good fucking time. You are enjoying your round of GFL Minecraft 24/7 TTT and you get blasted in the head for no reason. You report the person who did such a thing and their response is "I don't know how to play this game." After seeing this response you feel a bottled up anger inside of you. Like all TTT players you think the right thing to do is to scream slurs in the mic and which for some reason you didn't know was against the rules. then you get gagged for it and never play again. The lesson here is don't be a twat and please read the fucking rules it makes it easier for us admins


Congratulations to the 3 winners! You'll be awarded your badges/prizes shortly.

Edited by Salad


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Haha, these are hilarious.

Congrats to everyone that won!

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