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kavier's TTT MC 24/7 Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): thekingofs

SteamID: 76561198013590910


Admin that banned you: demicast

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): banned for false kosing


Why should you be unbanned?

cause the guy who got banned earlier for the Fword and it was only a day i got a week ban for using a meme on the admins and called demi out on it and his abuse of power . you know what if it take this much effort just to get un ban fucking, prema me for a meme but im just saying this now i was clear case admin abuse and KOS demi every round 

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Posted  Edited by Misery

Actually, I was the one who banned you and the agreement to ban you was made mutually between Demi and I after you ignored our warning. You had been kosing us essentially entire canyon map branding it as a “funny meme”, “there’s no need to be salty”. It wasn’t funny. You had no reasoning to call us out and at one point you even said: “I have no evidence, and I’m calling a kos on demi, so are we doing it or what?” It was clearly just targeting of us because of our staff status, and to be annoying to us whether we were Ts or not, and you called kos’ on us regardless of our role, sometimes even few seconds into the round.


 You had no intention to stop either, as Demicaster gave you a warning to be your mark to stop and instead you kept doing it. For that reason, I decided to only course of action was to ban you for a week for targeting and trolling.


edit: also this is wrong section lmao

Edited by Misery

Most sincerely,


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Posted  Edited by Demicaster

So to start I was not the one who banned you it was actually @Misery who issued the ban.


So cause i like to make things aesthetically pleasing I'll do this in sections




For what happened today let me give a rundown. We were playing on the Canyon map with me (Demicaster), Misery, and KAVIER think we also played a few rounds of clue with him. He would every round call a false kos kinda memeingly Me and Misery. Even when we were all dead he would say to kos us next round. A few rounds before the ban me and Misery were discussing how you seem to false kos us on a regular basis when your on with us. After this we decided to issue a warning against you for false kosing admins (I do not have any prior knowledge of you doing it for other admins but i know you do this commonly for us two. You seem to rally people behind you by every time your correct making a big deal about how we were in deed traitors. It is true that sometimes you are correct on us being traitors but to far and between are you wrong. The last round that you false kosed me you simply  repeated over and over again that you are kosing Demicaster even though I have no reason to. You brought up the fact that we are abusing are powers to keep people from kosing us because if you try to call a false kos as a t you get punished. This simple was never the case any time we brought up the false kosing was after round or arguing your koses if you were a T the kosing is fine but you do it every single round.


Past Issues


So for me this is not a new issue. Any time that I am on and KAVIER is on instantly the Kosing starts for no reason. I have talked to you about it before about how you keep false kosing admins (not sure if its just me and Misery). It was kinda funny for a while but at this point its honestly just stressful to me and I hate having to deal with it every single round you play. Since you've been constantly doing it and asked to stop and this has not been just a one off situation it got to the point to where we had to warn you today.


Your response to the Warning


When I pmed you about how we had discussed the issue between me and Misery and told you that we were going to give you a warning that wasn't going to affect you unless you continued your response was very aggressive and rude. You immediately started saying that if i had the time to pm you and try to handle things privately that I could say it in public. The reason I didn't want to do that people are going to get involved that dont need
to be. I was trying to avoid roping people into the situation and aggravate other players, however you seemed to disagree with that. After that you started going on about he we were abusing are powers to keep people from kosing us. This could be further from the truth, koses are fine as long as they have valid reason to be called which could be:


Being shot at

running past Unided bodies

Unclaimed traitor weapons (detective weapons are not required to be claimed but apprciated)

Confirmed Explosives (C4, Discombobs on high locations, frags, incins)


None of these were present in almost any of the cases. You were given a warning and instead of listening to it you decided to double down and continue your actions. I am not for removing your ban as you were given more than enough chances to change your behavior but instead did not change but tried to get other members in to agree with you.



Edited by Demicaster

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There is a difference between using a banned word and constantly harassing a player, ruining their experience for your entertainment. 

You are so quick to insult an admin that didn't even do anything wrong. 

Appeal denied. Think before you speak.

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