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Hightower 2 Rules

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General Rules:

1. The admin's word is final. The rules listed on this page are not exhaustive, and serve as a general guideline to ensure a fun environment for all players.

2. Hacks/third-party apps/exploits are not allowed by any means.

3. Advertisement of any kind such as hacks, groups or other communities is not allowed. Doing so will result in a ban.

4. No Chat/Mic Spamming, prank calling or excessive yelling.

5. Racism and Bigotry, to include the use of slurs be it casual or otherwise, has no place in GFL and will result in gags or mutes at minimum.

6. Do not beg for items.

7. Do not post inappropriate links (Screamers, Gory websites, pornography, etc.).

8. Do not impersonate others, especially staff.

9. No nude sprays of any kind. Child/Lolicon/Cub Porn sprays and topics of such will result with a ban WITHOUT WARNING.

10. Voice Chat is to be English only.

11. Minimum age limit on the mic is 12.

12. Do not abuse the /calladmin command.

13. Do not stir up drama. If an admin tells  you to drop a topic, drop it. GFL is not bound by the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and is not your personal soapbox.


Hightower 2 Specific Rules:

1. Do not exploit to place sentries, Hightower 2 is supposed to be sentry free. Exploiting to place a sentry will result in a ban.

2. Spamming sentry placements will also result in a ban (Spamming Gibs).

Edited by Scott

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