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What we look for in a DarkRP Admin

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Hello! This is a list of the things we'd like to see in a DarkRP Admin. If you're interested in the position, please read this Post.


Here are some of the qualities we need:

Authoritive - Doesn't respond to public admin requests and handles things professionally via private chat or a private area. 
Calm - Doesn't let emotions control their actions.
Loyal - Knows about GFL, talks up the donation perks, willing to commit to this community.
Experience - We expect you to have some admin or leadership experience before being a DarkRP admin.
Motivated - Wants to help, your goal is to keep the game moving and take action when necessary.

Fair - Listens to people and doesn't assume,
Honorable - Doesn't involve themselves in drama or create an unfair advantage in game.
Time Management - You have to know how to balance work, life, school, gaming, etc.
Active - There's no point in applying for a position if you're not going to be in the server.

Unbiased - Just because you're friends with the accused/victim doesn't make it OK to treat them any differently than you would a new player. Regardless of if they're your friends, a known player, a known rule-breaker, etc.


Other important stuff:

1. You absolutely need to know the MOTD and keep up to date with changes in the server. (We're not asking you to memorize the whole MOTD, but to have a general understanding of it.)

2. You need to be active on the forums and Discord. Reports, appeals and server changes/MOTD changes.

3. If you want to prove that you have these qualities, you may start doing so by making player reports (forums or in-game) OBS is a very useful tool to record your sceen and in-game audio. 


Please keep in mind that being an Admin isn't for everyone. It isn't fun all the time. However, if you think you have what it takes, feel free to apply. If given a shot, you will be put to the test.

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