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10 hours ago, JerryHatTrick said:

I'm a bit disappointed that nobody has replied to this thread yet.

You have a wonderful talent. I am in awe when I consider the amount of work that goes into 1 such piece,


This is what I love about a community such as this - the diversity of the people, with all their amazing talents!


Thank you for sharing. :)



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Woah, they look amazing!


Please share more with us. You've a great talent. :]



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20 hours ago, Ninja said:

These are really cool. You said you work as a metal-smith? or is it a hobby? Either way these are really neat and would love to see more. *thumbup emoji*

It's both, I make money from it and it is a hobby

20 hours ago, Azura said:

I'd love to see more of this, even better, are you selling any crafts?

Yes, I sell my work, in fact the first one will be for sell very soon, I have a bit more polishing to do, i'm replacing the copper wire at the top with a single fitted silver wire, and doing a rokusho patina to make the copper in it bright red. After that I will have it up for sale for $400-$500

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I've always wanted to get into metal working. I just love the fact that you can do so much with metal. Welding, grinding, cutting, shaping and all of that. I think the work you'v produced here is of very high quality so keep it up!



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


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