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Event #204 -- CS:S ZE's three-way Halloween Marathon!

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Posted  Edited by Vanya


 As you may have noticed, Cosmo unfortunately ended with a map crash and therefore we couldn't get the participants of the map in time. To make up for this the reward pool has now been edited to the following conditions:

  • Players who participated in 4 maps will earn the temporary "Seasonal Skeleton" role in our Discord server, and this role will last until January 1st, 2021.
  • Players who participated in 9 maps will earn the "Master of Skeletons" role in our Discord server, and this role will be permanent.
  • Players who participated in more than 10 maps will earn a permanent role in our Discord server, will be able to give a name for the role** (has to be Halloween-themed) AND will earn V.I.P. until December 5th, 2020.


  • Winners of any five maps will receive V.I.P. until December 5th, 2020!
  • Winners of 9 or all maps will receive V.I.P. until January 2nd, 2021!

The original post will be left unedited so you can see how the reward pool has been adjusted considering this change. I strongly apologize for any inconvenience the map crash could've caused.


Rewards will be handed out once the whole event is over.

Edited by Vanya

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Thank you to everyone who participated during this event. A lot of good times were had during all three days during and after the events, but the most important thing is I managed to attend this event and also submitted my paper right on time, good grief! But now it's time for the moment everyone's been waiting for, the winners! First let's start with the V.I.P. winners:


Winners of V.I.P. until December 5th, 2020, or those who won 5-8 maps during the whole event:

  • Kaka
  • Kai Master of Poncher
  • Earthquake
  • Sansa
  • Longus Dongus
  • Mleep

And now for the bigger reward, the Discord rewards!


Players whose names are written in this color are those who participated in 11 or more maps. These people get V.I.P. until December 5th, 2020 (if they didn't win it from winning maps) AND they get an unique role in our Discord server that they get to name (so long as it's spooky related, if you're unsure about what to put as role name feel free to DM me on Discord for suggestions or letting you know what's allowed).


Players whose names are written in this color are those who participated in 9-10 maps. These people will be earning V.I.P. until November 14th, 2020 because I just thought about it, 9 maps basically means they attended two full events, so they'll be getting this 2 week long V.I.P. reward on top of their new permanent "Master of Skeletons" role.


Players whose names are written in this color are those who participated in 4-8 maps. These people won't be earning any V.I.P., but they'll be earning a temporary "Seasonal Skeleton" role in our Discord server that will be up until January 1st, 2021.

  • Prizmo - 12
  • j0ueurnul - 12
  • Mleep - 12
  • Longus Dongus - 12
  • Kultakalle2 - 12
  • Archimado - 11
  • Crobat - 11
  • Xehanort - 10
  • bosch - 10
  • TacoMaster - 9
  • towel - 9
  • Earthquake - 9
  • Kaka - 8
  • hzrd - 7
  • Yooh - 7
  • Mercy - 7
  • WarpedCakez - 7
  • Kai Master of Poncher - 7
  • bluedog - 7
  • Alcolo Oasis - 6
  • machu - 6
  • willy wilson - 6
  • Gamesadict - 6
  • Sansa - 6
  • Malala - 6
  • Veri$on - 6
  • The Q-man - 6
  • TheUnknown - 6
  • aiden - 5
  • That_Link - 5
  • Console - 5
  • chrietzg - 5
  • Andres - 5
  • zombie murder boss break - 4
  • Kurga - 4
  • ricca2554 - 4
  • Murda. - 4
  • Daemon Berkeley - 4
  • Han - 4
  • Pyrono - 4
  • Tortoise - 4
  • Cosmic - 4
  • Stained Sanity - 4
  • Fake Ninja - 4
  • Amu - 4

Remember that participants were counted whenever a map was beaten. In the case of Paranoid participants were counted more than once during the map as it was won multiple times. Because I'll be handing out these rewards by hand it's possible that I may miss you in our Discord server, if I do please let me know right away so I can give you your role.


To everyone else who didn't make it, thank you for participating and don't worry, assuming I can still make more Discord roles after this event you may get another shot at our Christmas event, which is just around the corner, see you next weekend!

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