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heavy gunner

heavy gunner's Prophunt Mute/Ban Appeal

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Your In-Game Name: A_Person

Your SteamID: 76561198290276956

Reason for punishment: illegal spot

Admin: flo-ryan

Why the punishment show be revoked:

I was in a spot that met all the requirements for a legal spot, I could be shot by normal means, I Was Not Invisible or hiding it in a texture and people could access my location. But regardless floe Ryan gave me multiple warnings for the same spot and proceeded to ban me even though I hadn't done anything wrong.  And if he was warning me for a previous "legal spot" spot that I've been in, that is not right because I only just played once today since the last time I got banned. which was also an invalid ban.


PS: if you are still unsure or have any further questions please invite me to a Discord call. My Discord name is A_Person #1846 

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