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To @Saizy

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Posted  Edited by DrakoHD

To Saizy 


To my dearest friend I write to you to tell you that the pressure is too much I cannot hold it in anymore for the years that I've known you I've wanted to tell you how much I loved you ever since that night under the stars of the deep blue midnight sky where we had our first kiss I can only think of you and how you took me that night. there are few words i can use to describe you but here are the ones that come to mind strong, powerful, and beautiful eyes your burly build those plush lips, I cherish all those times I had with you and your adorable smile I wish nothing more than spending the rest of my days with you. All the small things you've done for me taking me out to eat holding me whenever I was in my feelings and all the big things you've done for me taking me to a weeknd concert letting me move in with you after my parents kicked me out. everyday without you is a day I regret I want to be with you every hour of the day every day. your amazing personality makes me want to be around you all the time, the way you act makes me think of you in so many new ways. i want to think of all the times I've spent with you I want to dream about you every time I close my eyes and I want you to lay with me in bed as we sink into our own dreams about each other. I think about you and the future we could have, our marriage our kids. Thank you for the amazing times we had I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you.






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Thanks to @Auralanity for the amazing signature

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Guest Saizy
Posted  Edited by Saizy

I'm sorry. I have to reject this. I don't want marriage, I'd rather go half on a baby because at least I know it's not temporary; sharing something that's real.

I'm still in love with @Auralanity. My condolences. Here is a song to make you feel better: 


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Yoyo, saizy will you be my king. And my bling. 

I say dunununu, you are one cute as mofo.

I own a resort in the florida keys, yuh.

I will allow you to ride on my 600k boat.



I say dunununu you are one cute as mofo. 






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