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new admin app

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You to admins: gag round
MokaCola: Nobody is a Traitor!
You to admins: 4 pres
*DEAD* [GFL Member] AstroAdaption | iDefiLogics: you and your explosions
*DEAD* [HUGH MUNGUS] Violator: !gag AstroAdaption
*DEAD* [GFL Member] Subnautica: hey porch
Violator gagged You
Please familiarize yourself with the rules before playing by typing !motd
You to admins: thank you
*DEAD* [GFL Member] Subnautica: who are the ts?
[GFL Member] EJ: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Xx_BlueberryWalrus_xX: rip porch,
Violator to You: there u go



no questions asked.



this is my admin application. thanks for reading. 


thanks @Violator

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