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Graphics Driver crashing after every other server I join?

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Hi there. Sorry if I'm repeating a question that was asked previously in this board. My blindness gets the best of me.


I'm currently using an integrated graphics (Intel(R) HD Graphics 4600). I know it's shit and your refrigerator probably has better graphics. I'm on a laptop.


So, currently, under these circumstances or events, my graphics driver crashes (usually that's what the error had shown from windows, something about it like that).

For reference, S = Singleplayer, MP = Multiplayer

-Whenever I join a new server after being on a S/MP server it crashes.

-Whenever I join a S server after being on an MP server it crashes.

-Whenever I reload my S server it crashes.

-Whenever I join a different server from being on a new MP server it crashes.


How do I fix this?




TTT Admin

Breach Admin

Ragdoll Combat Manager




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It could happen due to the following:


•Your GPU suffers a really high load, causing its drivers to crash.

•You played a GPU intensive game before, which caused it to malfunction, leading to it crash with less GPU intensive games. (It happened with me, when I had a GT 630, and played COD BO3 on Beta)


I did not find a fix to the issues above, all I did was change GPU to a better one.


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