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Alright so this album, I had some high expectations because I used to listen to die lit and the leaks all the time. The baby voice thing Playboi Carti keeps doing is just fucking pissing me off. I only liked 3 songs on the entire playlist: Over, Place, and Vamp Anthem. 

What he should have done is release certain leaked songs that were really good. I can name a few: Dropped Out, Pissy Pamper/ Kid Cudi, No Relations, Cancun, and Hoodini. Those songs were so good and should have been on WLR. The beats on WLR were really good, but it was just wasted potential. 


Also, I think most GFL members have no clue who Playboi Carti even is. They probably don't even know Lil Uzi Vert.


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