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My ban appeal

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:143836461


Banned by:PeanutButter jesus


Ban reason: Mass rdm


Why you should be unbanned: Well first i killed one guy cuzz it looked like he had killed 2 othere player's he walked bye a un ided so i killed him 2nd guy came from nether

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Seeing how this is your THIRD time being banned for mass RDM, your ban will most likely be upped to at least a one month ban. @PB-n-JasonVoorhees made this ban, I will allow him to handle it.

BUT, one, you NEVER kill someone for coming out of the nether for any reason, that is a sus kill off location. Two, you have multiple mass rdm bans, so I HIGHLY doubt your ban will be up lifted.

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2 minutes ago, DankDuck216 said:

Ok m8



1 minute ago, DankDuck216 said:

I did not do a 3rd rdm tho


These kind of responses will not get you unbanned. Honestly, if you do not want to show you care, we can just simply lock this appeal.

Could you please elaborate a bit more on your apparent mass rdm, man?

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Thanks for tagging me in @gamrpown!


Okay, Phantom. I -literally- just banned you for this. First, gamr is correct in that this is one more week-long offense that counts against you. In fact, this is technically the 3rd in a 1-year period, which is usually set to perm. However, I moved it to 1-month for the time being with the hopes you actually will stop and work with us and have fun as a community instead of against us and have fun at the expense of others.


My decision is this: I will not lift the ban.


However: I will reduce the amount of time from the full month to 1-week.


Please be advised though: This is your last chance. If you have any week-long offenses docked against you again, it will become permanent. If this is not a satisfactory decision, then @Violator can take over. Other than that, see you in a week!













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