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Nothing much, I like helping people and creating new Ideas also recommending things to the server manager to make the server more enjoy able. I have only played on the purge server which needs way more admins because it seems that the admins get over whelmed with the crazy number of people that are constantly asking and complaining about things that has happened to the on the server or just are wasting the admins time with their problems. The purge server need more add-ons like a banking system which a player can walk up to a container and store his/her items into so when they die they will not lose that arsenal worth of guns that they have on them at the time. I am not saying that you have to get rid of the loosing everything when you die I think it is fair it keeps the money flowing for gun dealers so they don’t build a awesome base for nothing but there should really be a bank in the server I think it will make every body happy that is really all I will talk about this time.

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