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Banned from Zombie Server

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I tried creating an appeal to the ban I was given, but when I entered in my steam I.D it says this I.D is not banned. I checked why I was being banned and it says duplicate account for whatever that means. I was just wondering if someone could unban me or help me figure out completing the ban appeal. Thanks if you can.

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: Update: Ban reduced + warning

I found your ban.


SourceBan: STEAM_1:0:189753018


You were banned by a plugin that caught you ban evading, which you evaded four times; your first permanent bans were for bhop scripts.  Careful documentation provides substantial evidence of it.




I'm going to look further into this to see what we can do for you, but I do not have an answer for you right now.




We have reduced the ban to one week.  Two things: 1) Do not evade this week long ban or the plugin or Server Admin will catch you, and 2) do not bhop script again.


We like to give warnings before issuing a ban, and I do not know if you did receive a warning; however, you were able to get back on after the first ban, which should have been a good enough warning.  Our current convention is one week ban for bhop scripts (ZE).  You'll get caught so don't risk it again.  Don't evade because you'll get caught...  the Server Admins are pretty good at it, and it looks like our plugins are REALLY good at it (you've been caught three times).  Don't take a chance!  Sit this week out and come back to enjoy our servers.  If you violate either of these conditions, then you cannot say that we did not give you a chance.  Thanks for appealing!

Edited by Joshy
Update: Ban reduced + warning


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