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Mr. Jihad

Mr. Jihad's General Mute/.Ban Appeal

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Posted  Edited by Mr. Jihad

Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Gmod discord

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):

Mr jihad #6390


Why were you banned?: rule 9


Why should you be unbanned?

well i posted a gif and the url had the n word attached to it in which i didn't know about i had the gif saved i understand what i posted before i was muted for and i was warned after my 3 day mute that the next rule breaking thing i said or posted would be a perm in which i understood i didn't know this gif had the word in the url. i know my history is about the same thing but i didn't know this would get me muted the other stuff i posted and i got warned for i knew what i posted but this ... idk in the end its up to the discord team to say the last word about this




i had it saved so how was i going to know it had that word in the url ?  and this is the gif i posted there's nothing wrong with the GIF its the url that fucked me over  


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Posted  Edited by JGuary55

From infraction IDs 10374 and 10375, you tried breaking rule 9 with a loophole - that is, you were using valid URLs to media files with flagged slurs within the URL. You got muted for INTENTIONALLY trying to find a loophole to say your naughty words, which was perfectly fair due to intent to get around the system.


Today, you did the exact same thing in an attempt to loophole the system once more, even after you were warned twice AND muted previously. You know exactly what you were trying to do, and you knew exactly what you were going to get handed - don't even bother trying to justify otherwise.


There is a difference between someone accidentally sending a GIF with a flagged slur in the URL when Tenor has suggested it to them, and someone purposefully searching up slurs and sending it - the difference here being INTENT. There have been several people that have been flagged by the bot for this stuff, and not been further infracted since obviously mistakes happen and these things are out of anyone's control. Your claims of this being the case here are just not true, and you know this.


So this appeal is denied.








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