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Jitter's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

Way over warn limit

Why should your punishment be revoked?



Looking at this screenshot, we can see I have 3 active warns (4 if you count the ban, but that's why I'm disputing it. I was first banned 3 days ago (did not appeal since it was fair). When I was unbanned, I received a warn from Phee, but Phee stated "I'm not going to ban you for that", leaving me at 4 warns, but I was not banned because of what Phee did. The warn was removed, leaving me back at 3 warns. 1 Day later, K1P_ banned for "being over the warn limit" and warned me for "rdm", but I don't know what this was, and the warn was removed the next day, but I was still banned. If this warn was the reason I was banned and it got removed, wouldn't I be unbanned? The last report I received before I was banned was cancelled so It wouldn't of been that, so I have no idea why I was warned and banned.


resolved, ban was supposed to be removed but only warn was on accident

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