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Montgomery Burns

Montgomery Burns's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Rod the Animator


I have NO idea what my SteamID is/ I do NOT know what my SteamID is.

Punished by:

Wuffy/BrotherWolf? A.K.A. Retard...

Reason for the punishment:

Made an appeal to be unmuted on the servers.

Why should your punishment be revoked?

Since I last checked, I did nothing wrong, in the moment, to be deserving of a PERMANENT BAN... That is all.


Could you check out what's going on with Wuffy's personal life, that he feels the need to ban some random dude on the internet just for the lols, no excuses.


Mind taking this by Ray to evaluate? Mainly the professionalism of Wuffy, to be handling this kind of job/task... Not a real job, I'm sure he doesn't have one, Wuffy that is.


Loving regards from a worried Member of the Community. - Rod the Animator

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Posted  Edited by Agent L the Octoling

At this point, I'm just going to do an @BrotherWolf for your side of the story, from what I've gotten they were perma muted on h&s and dont remember/understand why.

I didnt see the permaban, and yeah, this doesnt belong here, you were permabanned because your prior permaban didnt convert to the new system it appears.

Edited by Agent L the Octoling


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You’ve been denied twice already and this should be under HnS. You’ve been extremely rude to the entire HnS staff and I banned you because you were permanently banned on sourcebans and it didn’t transfer to GFLBans. This is ridiculous, you know I didn’t ban you for the lols and you’ve flamed me way too much now. I am denying this, feel free to apply in 6 months.


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Posted  Edited by TheJitFace

So real quick, Montgomery messaged me on the forums before he was banned asking about his ban. He messaged me because I accepted his member application a while ago.

Can someone fill me in on what's going on because I am confused?

@BrotherWolf @Agent L the Octoling

Edited by TheJitFace


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