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TTT Minecraft 24/7 Event

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The Event's team is hosting a TTT MC 24/7 score event on April 3rd from 6PM to 8PM EST. The event will consist of players playing on the server for the duration of the event and seeing who can gather the most score within the two hours. During the course of the event we will be staying on one map and pointshop will be disabled. The map that has been chosen is ttt_mc_office. Scores will be counted and monitored and the winners will be announced after the event.


Rewards will be:  


1st place: 3 Months of VIP - 100K In-Game Points

2nd place: 2 Months of VIP - 75K In-Game Points

3rd place: 1 Month of VIP - 50k In-Game Points


Map chosen for the event:




Join the GMod Discord here: https://discord.gg/cdPNUkz

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