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King Cannibal

Stop making fun of kids

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I fully understand sometimes kids dont get everything but thats ok, they dont and we should be welcoming new people to the servers. Calling people squeakers or whatever is such bs and should be treat as a slur imo.



maybe not a slur since it doesnt really compare to that but still, a lot of people can be quite hateful towards kids

Edited by Spanish Inquisition

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I don't think it should be treated like a slur, but I do support your point entirely that it's stupid and immature to make fun of kids simply for being kids/sounding like kids. I am certainly not the biggest fan of children but some of them that are regulars (pdevente, for example) are actually perfectly fine players who try their best and are just there to have fun. It's embarrassing when people do this, and you're a loser if you do.


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