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tkeRyan's TTT Vanilla Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): soil

SteamID: /id/dirtysoil


Admin that banned you: 2 dads

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): week ban


Why should your punishment be revoked?

I got a warning saying if I rdm again I'm getting banned, next round I jihad on my t round, kill 2 people, get banned for targetting and RDMing. RIP. didn't know blowing up a detective and innocent would count as an rdm


had 2k fking likes and 700 god tier shitposts on the old site ggs

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Posted  Edited by Blastoise

Alright, I'm gonna provide everything I can tonight, and will add more to this tomorrow when the logs from previous maps are available.


As soon as I got on, I was told by @Jeebus that you were on thin ice for targeting Arizona and Adversary both, and expressed a desire to target Rothwyr. At first I was hesitant, because I know you know the rules well, and I thought you would be one of the last people to target someone. However, after playing with you for about a map and a half, it was quite apparent. In fact I had other players not involved asking me why I was letting this go on so long. I even messaged you privately saying you were dangerously close to a ban for targeting, and you knew exactly what I meant because you had told me "I'm gonna warn you 2 Dads, my only regret is not killing her." You thought you could skate by the targeting by using a T Pass and solo jihading. Luckily you caught someone else, but they weren't the target. Jeebus can confirm that you even had admitted to targeting them. Saying things like "If it weren't for the three round limit on buying tpasses i'd buy one next round and kill you," after killing Adversary. All of this only compounds the consistent RDM on dolls --a few maps back-- the same map you called another person a homophobic slur in VC before RDMing them. I will be providing the damage logs for all of these instances as soon as they become available in less than 24 hours.


All of that being said, I didn't want to ban you. That's why I messaged you beforehand telling you it was coming if antics didn't improve. That's why I went back and forth with someone for 2 rounds about why I hadn't banned you yet. Normally you are fun member of the community and I would hope that this ban gets shortened or even removed. It's our job to make sure everyone has as much fun on GFL servers as possible, and when members of the community are messaging me and telling me they don't want to play because they feel personally targeted, it is my job, as well as every other admin, to ensure they feel comfortable. I really do wish you the best of luck on this appeal, and I will be adding more to this as soon as the logs are available.

Edited by Blastoise


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Posted  Edited by olliemas

Ok after looking through logs and speaking to other staff members/ players involved it seems quite clear that you were targeting and making the server not a fun place to be on for specific individuals on purpose. I understand you were trying to avoid bans by doing it sometimes when you were a traitor but you made it clear enough that's what you were doing and even vocalised it. 


I enjoy your presence on the server soil but I think you often let your emotions get the better of you (sometimes because of alcohol I get it), but after a certain point the line has to be drawn and I feel there was enough leniency given, especially given that 2 dads and jeebus warned you multiple times that you were on thin ice. 


This appeal has been denied. I still hope to see you back in a week though.

Edited by olliemas

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