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KursKura's General Mute/Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: Discord

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):



Why were you banned?: Homophobia, Racism, Baiting


Why should you be unbanned?

hey, it’s been a while over the past months I have reflected on my actions on the discord and saw how immature and weird I was acting I am a young man and I make mistakes but who hasn’t but I’ve met a lot of people in this so I would appreciate the time and effort of the team to consider letting me back in

Yes, I am aware of it not being 60 days as that comes on the 24th. if that is a problem I will re-apply in 2 weeks


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This might be helpful for other reviewers Discord ID # 204858120000897027


It's going to need at least 60 days.  Just to clarify on something: It's not a 60 day ban.  You earned a permanent ban.  I see in the other thread the team leader says that you can reapply in 60 days, but I am not sure what they are looking for in order to lift your ban.


I couldn't promise you anything, but your best bet would be to show positive behaviour in other parts of the community such as the forums.  Reapplying in 60 days (or less) saying you're a changed person and with nothing to show for it isn't going to be compelling at all.  To give you a little insight on the ban appeal process there are other appeals sitting longer than yours I've actually tried talking to the team about reducing their bans to lengthy bans such as 3-6 months...  it's something I'm still working on, and something I've proposed as a policy (here) although it has not gained enough support to move forward with it yet.


I'm going to lock and close this because the thread will go stale by the time you are eligible for reapplying.  Again: Your best bet is to show positive behaviour elsewhere, and I too have my fingers crossed that a more relaxed policy in comparison to permanent bans can be implemented.  Good luck!


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